STRXIA: The Odds Are Against Us

Maggie Daniels & Matt Michel

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- Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

"Strxia: The Odds Are Against Us introduces kids to elementary aspects of physics and other STEM subjects, but don't tell them that. Instead, let them find out while entranced in an exciting and unpredictable story that melds baseball and interplanetary action and adventure as the four teammates set out upon a crucial and seemingly impossible mission."

- Diane Owens, Author of NO ORDINARY LIZARD

"This book is middle grade science fiction at its best: filled with action, adventure, mystery, suspense, and humor. The story is well-crafted and fast-paced, while the settings and characters are well-defined and incredibly, uproariously descriptive. There’s plenty for readers to root for and the book’s dual story line will please fantasy fans as well as fans of sports stories."

STRXIA's Unique Hook

STRXIA: THE ODDS ARE AGAINST US sets itself apart from the sea of middle grade science fiction books by incorporating STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) principles into the story. While the book is primarily an action-packed adventure designed purely to entertain, the young reader is also carefully exposed to fundamental physics concepts. This subtle insertion of STEM education occurs almost without the reader realizing it. All the numbers surrounding the physics and engineering in the book are calculated and documented by the authors with aerospace engineering accuracy, pleasing even the most discerning teachers and librarians. Strxia is a parallel universe governed by the same laws of physics as Earth. Strxia's future is in jeopardy due to an elite group, the Odds, taking control of odd number utilization. Only Seth Cox, a true math and science geek, and his baseball teammates can help pull Strxia out of its downward spiral toward ruin. The book culminates with a unique parallel approach where the actions the children take to try to save Strxia from the Odds are duplicated simultaneously on Earth while they attempt to win a Little League baseball game.


STRXIA: THE ODDS ARE AGAINST US is a STEM-based portal fantasy with a target audience of elementary school children in the age range of eight to fourteen. Strxia is a parallel world in crisis due to the authoritarian rule of the Odds, an elite group of scientists who have taken control of odd numbers, leading to structural and economic chaos. The plot of Strxia invites young readers to enjoy a fun and action-packed adventure while being introduced to some fundamental physics concepts along the way. The unconventional hero, Seth Cox, devises a plan to help Strxia relying on his mathematical aptitude in conjunction with the distinctive skills of three of his baseball teammates: Jared, Alex, and Chase. A very similar plan unfolds on Earth as the four players attempt to help their team win the first game of the season. Tension mounts as they confront seemingly insurmountable obstacles in both worlds.

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Seth Cox is a self-preservationist. He avoids roller coasters, sports, being outside and any form of confrontation. When Seth's well-meaning mom registers him for Little League Baseball, his world turns upside down; but not due to the game, because this season really isn't about baseball.

Seth and three of his teammates have been drafted by their mysterious coach to enter Strxia, a parallel world facing certain ruin. Seth's plan to save Strxia relies on his own math expertise along with the distinctive skills of three of his teammates: Jared - all bravado, this talented pitcher can't seem to contain his temper; Alex - she is fearless and the fastest runner on the team; and Chase - a nonstop jokester with a talent for wrenching on cars. Join Seth, Jared, Alex and Chase on a daring mission to save Strxia.

Does this group of misfits have what it takes to defy the Odds?

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